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Our picks are generated using a tried and tested statistic model to win long term, beat the bookies at their own game!

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Are you sick and tired of hours of research only to come up short on a Saturday, handing over your cash to the bookies?

We were! That's why we made it our mission at Apollo to gain an edge on the bookies, we painstakingly developed a statistical model which helps us come out on top over the long term.

Back tested over multiple seasons as shown on our results page.

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1211pts at £10 points

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"The guys at Apollo Sports Ratings know their football betting. You can tell that the tips are well researched and thought out. What says trust more than showing profit and loss margins right there on the website for everyone to see?""


"I’ve been following Apollo Sports since their founding. Their progress in a short amount of time is as impressive as their track record. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a smart, long-term approach to betting."